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In cinematography and photography, flashing is the exposure of the film or digital sensors to uniform light prior to exposing it to the scene. It is used as a method of contrast control to bring out detail in darker areas. This adds a bias to the overall light input recorded by the sensor. When used for artistic effects, it can be used to add a color cast to shadows without significantly affecting highlights.

Panaflasher, a neat piece of equipment for creating and adjusting a unique and custom color/contrast look through the lens. It can be used as an effect, as a controlled way to flash film (or create a similar effect with digital), as a technical tool to match between formats, and probably more.

Essentially it's a 6x6 low contrast filter edged with 64 tiny led lights. The touch screen control allows adjustments from 0-100 on RGB sliders and a master luminance channel. The sliders allow for intuitive adjustment while the triangle buttons adjust one point at a time. There is a master color temperature setting where you can offset the overall kelvin of the led to match or contrast with your light source.

A sad photographer writes" The machine is very expensive, it is not self-taught as well. The handles are very weak and the lenses easily become blurry. It is not good to use during bad weather conditions, the outcomes always become dark."


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